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Services with an * can be requested from the contact listed on their webpage by clicking the service’s name.

If you are a student, staff or faculty at:

Research NavigatorsGuidance to investigators in obtaining  ICTR services and advises them on “next steps” in the clinical and translational research enterprise at Johns Hopkins. Request.Accessible in all stages.
Elsevier Pure- Research Expert ProfilesFind a collaborator at Johns Hopkins.

Study Planning

Studio RequestWork with an ICTR Navigator to determine if a more comprehensive consultation would be helpful. Request.Study Planning, Study Conduct
Trial Advisor Program (TAP) RequestConsultative support provided by the ICTR, BIOS and CCTES to investigators with small, local, multi-center translational studies needing to improve design, operations and analysis plans. Request.Study Planning, Study Conduct
Trial Innovation Network (TIN) RequestResources for those wishing to lead a multicenter clinical trial. Request.Study Planning
Biostatistics and Study Design ConsultOffers study design, methodological, data science and statistical analysis assistance. Request.

Study Planning, Data Management

Research Ethics ConsultAddresses ethical issues that arise in design or conduct of clinical research. Request.Study Planning, Regulatory Support, Study Conduct
Integrating Special Populations Into Research Program (ISP) ConsultConsultations with experts in 4 specific areas of research: geriatrics, pediatrics, rare diseases and under-represented minorities. Request.Study Planning
Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN)*Network of community-based health systems in local area ready to collaborate on research.Study Planning, Study Conduct
PCORI PCORNet Path Network*Network of academic health systems ready to collaborate on research.Study Planning ( Program ConsultGuidance and support on reporting and federal regulations. Request.

Regulatory Support, Study Conduct

Research Coordinator Support Service (RCSS)Research coordinators who are available for hire on a part time basis. Request.

Study Conduct

Research Personnel Onboarding Program

Guides new research personnel through the onboarding process. Request.

Study Conduct

Research Nutrition*Help and support in the development and implementation of nutrition plans for adult and pediatric research.Study Conduct
Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Cardiovascular Imaging Lab Request*Cardiovascular related research services such as ECHO, Carotid Imaging, Brachial Reactivity, Endothlial Function.Study Conduct
Clinical Research Unit (CRU) Exercise Physiology and Body Composition Lab Request*Exercise physiology and body composition services for research such as Stress Testing, Muscle strength, Exercise Training and Anthropometric and Body Composition.Study Conduct
Capital Region Research (CAPRES)*Provides research support across Howard County General Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital, and Suburban Hospital.Study Conduct
Research Laboratory Core Request*87 distinct assays of clinical chemical endpoints and biomarkers for research.Study Conduct
Institutional Review Board (IRB)  Application*Protects the rights and welfare of the human subjects participating in research conducted by faculty and staff at the Institutions.Study Conduct
Clinical Research Units (CRU): Pediatric and Adult*Dedicated, safe, clinically compliant space for Adult and Pediatric research.Study Conduct
Centro Sol*Guidance on performing clinical research in the Latinx community.

Study Conduct, Recruitment

HOPE Registry*Joins volunteers, patients and researchers as partners in COVID-19 research.Recruitment
Community Engagement ConsultPromotes community-engaged research conducted by researchers and community partners. Request.Recruitment
MyChart/Epic Recruitment Consult*Gives researchers the ability to recruit study participants via Johns Hopkins MyChart.Recruitment
Recruitment Innovation Unit (RIU) ConsultConsultations and expert advice on the recruitment of research participants. Request.Recruitment
Cohort Retention Service*Aims to provide resources for longitudinal clinical research studies.Recruitment
Clinical Research Data/Informatics ServicesResearch informatic services such as data capture (REDCap, Epic, Qualtrics), data extraction, Natural Language processing, precision medicine. Request.

Clinical Research Data/Informatics

Drug and Device Resource Service (DDRS)Regulatory advice and IND and IDE support. Request.

Drug and Device Development

Drug Discovery Development Core Lab RequestIntegrated support from early drug discovery through clinical trials. Request.Drug and Device Development