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Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN)

The Johns Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN):  An alliance of academic and community health systems .

The JHCRN provides an unique collaborative research infrastructure which enhances the flow of scientific information by supporting multi-site clinical, translational, and pragmatic research. As a regional translational research organization, the JHCRN links Johns Hopkins Medicine with a diverse network of community based health care delivery systems. The JHCRN offers researchers the opportunity to collaborate with other purpose-driven researchers, and access to over 5 million potential research participants.

Our Sites:

Luminis Health


Reading Hospital, an affiliate of Tower Health


We Support Research By:

  • Identifying multi-site collaborative investigator(s) that serve diverse patient populations in urban, rural and suburban settings.
  • Locating and pursuing funding opportunities for your multi-site research.
  • Providing information on the population to be studied.
  • Offering administrative support (LOS, biosketches, budget and demographic justification.)
  • Developing draft recruitment strategies.

If you’re an investigator, and would like to learn more, please contact us!