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Research Coordinator Support Service (RCSS)

The ICTR Research Coordinator Support Service (RCSS) is a pool of research coordinators that are available for hire on a part-time basis by Johns Hopkins researchers.


About Us

Formerly known as the Study Coordinator Apprenticeship and Mentoring  Program (SCAMP), the ICTR Research Coordinator Support Service (RCSS) is a pool of trained coordinators able to handle a wide range of customizable responsibilities to best fit the needs of your research team. The pool consists of apprentices (who are a part of the Coordinator Apprenticeship Program (CAP), research program coordinators (many of whom have completed the Apprenticeship Program), senior coordinators, and a program manager.


All staff receive training prior to beginning work assignments and continual mentoring to ensure the study is running efficiently and per federal and University guidelines and regulations. Staff will have completed the following minimal training: Human subject research protections, Good Clinical Practices (GCP), eIRB, CRMS (Clinical Research Management System), Epic, DOT/IATA, clinical skills (i.e., vital signs, ECG, and phlebotomy) and CPR.


Scheduling is based on the number of hours needed per week. Hours may also be built into grants and/or as a salary support model based on the full-time equivalent (FTE) support needed.

If an investigator/department makes a coordinator hire, or no longer needs support, the RCSS Coordinator will assist with the transition process and will continue providing support until the transition is complete.

Coordinator Responsibilities

RCSS Coordinators are available to work with study teams at all stages of research. They are experienced with drug and device studies, pharmaceutical-sponsored, federally-funded and investigator-initiated studies across several disease states and disciplines. They can assist with (but not limited to) the following:

  • eForm and informed consent creation and modification
  • eIRB applications (i.e., initial, changes in research and continuing reviews)
  • participant screening and recruitment
  • consenting
  • performing study visits
  • data entry, and resolving queries
  • creating and completing source documents and case report forms
  • sample collection, processing and shipping

Payments & Fees

RCSS coordinators are available as a fee-for-service program, making the process of finding a part-time coordinator easier. This service is ideal for junior faculty to seasoned investigators. Any investigator may find themselves in need of a coordinator due to sudden absences, resignation, or retirement and we work quickly to provide services.

RCSS coordinators are not added to your payroll. Study teams are provided a detailed monthly invoice billed directly to their internal order number. The process is straightforward even for investigators with multiples studies or departments using multiple internal order numbers.

Effective July 1, 2022: (rates inclusive of all fringe)

  • Research Coordinator support is $60/hour
  • Research Regulatory Specialist support is $65/hour
  • Senior Research Program Coordinator support may also be available for more complex studies and situations at $65/hour

Prior to beginning a work assignment, a study start-up meeting will be scheduled with the study team. At this meeting, a concise work agreement will be established with the study team that will outline the responsibilities and tasks that the RCSS coordinators will perform, and the hours required by the study team. The work agreement may be modified as situations change.

Requesting Support

Click on the blue “Make a Request” field in the upper-right corner of this page. A member of our team will contact you within 1 business day.

Research Personnel Onboarding Program

RCSS can rapidly and efficiently onboard your newly hired, less experienced clinical research personnel by developing a customized 6-8 weeks training plan that meets your studies’ and the new hire’s need. To learn more, visit Research Personnel Onboarding Program