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Research Coordinator Support Service

The ICTR Research Coordinator Support Service (RCSS) is a pool of research coordinators that are available for hire on a part-time basis by Johns Hopkins researchers.

About Us

These coordinators are able to handle a wide range of responsibilities and the support can be customized to best fit the needs to each individuals’ research team. The pool consists of study coordinator apprentices who are a part of the Study Coordinator Apprenticeship and Mentoring Program (SCAMP) and Research Coordinators.

Payments & Fees

These coordinators are available as part of a fee for service program, which makes the process of finding a part-time coordinator easier, as well as provides junior faculty with smaller projects, or even seasoned investigators with pilot studies study coordinator support. The coordinators will not be added to your HR payroll. Invoicing is completed quarterly, study teams are asked to provide an internal order number prior to being invoiced. Study teams can have multiple internal order numbers being charged per invoice, it is at the discretion of the study team on how to distribute the invoice among multiple internal order numbers.

Effective December 1, 2021, our rate for Senior Coordinator support is $60/hour inclusive of all fringe and indirect costs.


The coordinators receive training prior to starting work assignments and also receive mentoring along the way to ensure the study is running efficiently and per federal and University guidelines and regulations. Prior to starting a work assignment, the coordinators complete the following training: Human Subject Research, Good Clinical Practice offered through CITI, eIRB, CRMS, EPIC, DOT/IATA, phlebotomy, and CPR.


Each team will have their own study specific schedule so you know exactly when you will have coordinator support (for example, you could have a coordinator support every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 5:00 pm). Study teams will also have the same coordinator for the majority of the duration of their study. In the event that the coordinator leaves the program, we will assist with the transition process and can continue providing support if coordinator hours are available.

Work Assignments

Coordinators are available to work with study teams at all stages of research. They can assist with (but not limited to) the following: eFormA, eIRB applications, consenting, running study visits, entering queries, creating databases, recruitment, completing and creating source documents and case report form, and data entry.

Prior to beginning a work assignment, a study start up meeting will be scheduled with new study teams. At this meeting, a clear work agreement will be established where the study team will determine what hours they are requesting and what tasks the research coordinators will work on while being a part of the study.