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The Studio: A Master Class

The Studio is a multidisciplinary service center created to help investigators improve the quality and impact of their translational research.

Serving the entire Johns Hopkins University medical research community and affiliated interested parties, the Studio is open to the study of any disease.

It operates as a Master class, a highly successful method of advanced instruction originally used in the fine arts, and later shown to be equally effective when extended to other disciplines. We give feedback systematically and immediately. The “one-stop-shopping” model only adds efficiency of the Studio. We save investigators valuable time by eliminating the need to schedule multiple meetings with each individual consultant.

Our Consultants

Studio sessions feature a panel of expert consultants (including our partners at the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB), acknowledged in their fields and specially selected to accommodate the specific needs of each project. They are available for any phase of project development. Studio consultants possess a broad spectrum of expertise ranging from content experts to help formulate the most relevant research questions, to methodological and technical specialists available to address issues related to the use of institutional and CTSA resources for pre-clinical and clinical studies. 

Available Resources

The Studio represents an extensive catalogue of resources, but are not limited to:

  • project funding opportunities
  • intellectual property protection expertise
  • regulatory advice and support
  • pre-clinical and clinical study design assistance
  • translational technology expertise
  • assay capability
  • biostatistics support
  • computational medicine applications
  • research ethics expertise
  • database design
  • clinical research unit support
  • clinical trial recruitment/retention expertise