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Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente Research Collaboration Committee Funded Research

2020 Funded Research

  1. Comprehensive Diabetes Assessment
    Principal Investigators: Jodi Segal, MD, MPH and Maile Tauali’i, PhD, MPH
  1. Addressing Medication Safety from the Pediatric Primary Care Perspective
    Principal Investigators: Leticia M. Ryan, MD, MPH and Nancy S. Weinfield, PhD
  1. Examining and Optimizing Adoption of Digital Mental Health Applications Across Health Systems
    Principal Investigators: Joseph F. McGuire, PhD, MA and Micahel J. Miller, RPh, DrPhD
  1. Development, Validation, and Testing of an Interoperable Predictive Model to Estimate Inadequate Health Literacy
    Principal Investigators: Joseph J. Gallo, MD, MPH and Micahel J. Miller, RPh, DrPhD

2019 Funded Research

  1. Barriers and Facilitators to Provider Adoption of Medication Price Transparency Tools in Electronic Medical Records: A Qualitative Study
    Principal Investigators: Ashwini Davison, MD; Douglas Roblin, PhD
  1. Benign Breast Disease: Cohort Identification for Breast Cancer Screening and Pathology Analysis
    Principal Investigators: Monica Ter-Minassian, ScD; Kala Visvanathan, MD
  1. Pilot Study to Improve the Use of EHR for Identification of Patients with Social Risks and Needs: A Collaboration of JHM and KP
    Principal Investigators: Elham Hatef, MD; Claudia Nau, PhD
  1. The Role Of Patient Portals In Ameliorating Or Exacerbating Disparities In Maternal Health
    Principal Investigators: Shari Lawson, MD, MBA, FACOG;  Nancy Weinfield, PhD

2018 Funded Research

  1. Preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake and adherence to PrEP care continuum
    Principal Investigators: Rulin Hechter, PhD, MD; Joyce Jones, MD; Katia Bruxvoort, PhD, MPH; William Towner, MD
  1. Socioeconomic Circumstances and Asthma Medication Management in the Baltimore Area: Learning How to Identify Care Gaps and Target Interventions
    Principal Investigators: Douglas Roblin, PhD and Hong Kan, PhD
  1. Realizing the Health Benefits of Rehabilitation Programs for Cardiopulmonary Disease: What Can Healthcare Systems Do to Improve Patient Engagement and Participation?
    Principal Investigators:  Douglas Roblin, PhD; Hanan Aboumatar, MD, MPH; Lee Bone, MPH
  1. Transgender Care Quality Improvement Program (TransCQuIP)
    Principal Investigators: Suma Vupputuri, PhD and Brandyn Lau, MPH, CPH