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Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente Collaboration Pilot Awards

The Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente Research Collaboration Committee fosters and promotes synergistic research between Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

At this time, we are not accepting applications.

The Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente Research Collaboration Committee is actively requesting proposals for collaborative research opportunities. As part of the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research pilot program, the KP/JHM research initiative seeks to support collaborative epidemiologic, health services and related clinical research to be conducted jointly by Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins researchers. Research proposals should highlight the effective synergy of the Kaiser Permanente/Johns Hopkins collaboration in tackling the complex and intriguing questions vexing our health systems.

The RCC is offering pilot money for up to 4 projects, up to $75,000 each (no indirect costs). Successful pilot projects will be able to demonstrate the ability to produce initial results within 12 months and demonstrate an effective collaboration between investigators from both KP and JHM.

The RCC will review proposals and select those which best represent initial research that leverages the unique capabilities of Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins as learning health systems. Research proposals should align with both organizations’ strategic priorities:

• Innovations in using Epic (KP HealthConnect) to improve health care
• Demonstrating and improving the value of health care services
• Enhancing the utilization of and analyzing evidence-based medicine in optimizing care integration and coordination
• Improving access to care and reducing health disparities

For questions, please contact Michael Horberg at or Dan Ford at