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Johns Hopkins and Kaiser Permanente Research Collaboration Committee

Mission: To foster and promote synergistic research between Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Research represents a particular synergistic opportunity with potential for broad impact inside and outside both organizations. The work of the collaboration will concentrate on fostering research that will benefit both organizations and present the opportunity for much broader impact—changing the way medicine is practiced and associated healthcare policies.

Kaiser Permanente Research

Kaiser regions include Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Mid-Atlantic States (VA, MD, DC), Northern California, Northwest (Oregon/Washington) and Southern California. Each Kaiser Permanente region has its own research enterprise. Each regional research enterprise has its own leadership and areas of emphasis. Kaiser Permanente research is primarily funded by such external sources as the National Institutes for Health and the Centers for Disease Control, and it reaches beyond clinical practice to include behavioral, genetic, and environmental research. The research enterprises encourage collaboration among themselves, and many projects are interregional. For such projects, each region will likely have its own investigator to facilitate the research and ensure quality results.

Further, the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, which holds the FWA for Kaiser Permanente, develops and assures compliance with research-related government regulations and Kaiser Permanente policies and procedures. Kaiser Foundation Research Institute also works with the Kaiser Permanente National Research Council (here represented by Drs. Horberg and Jacobsen, along with Director of Kaiser Foundation Research Institute Dr. Emmons) to develop and implement the Kaiser Permanente Research strategy. All Kaiser Permanente regions participate in the PCORnet PORTAL CDRN. The RCC will work to promote the Kaiser Permanente/Johns Hopkins collaboration broadly in Kaiser Permanente.


Mid-Atlantic Permanente Research Institute (MAPRI)

MAPRI is the research enterprise for Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States region, within the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group (MAPMG), with the mission to advance medical knowledge and improve the quality of care and health of our patients and communities we serve by conducting innovative scientific and clinical research.  MAPRI staff encompass a wide range of expertise, including clinical trials, health services and health policy research, epidemiology, health informatics, biostatistics, data management, research grants and contract administration, and numerous clinical specialties.

MAPRI research staff have full access to KPMAS databases, registries, and data with appropriate IRB approval. Close ties with the Medical Group and Health Plan enable a number of support services, including comprehensive health education departments and libraries, an extensive regionalized data management system, and communications team. In addition, collaborative ties exist with various local institutions, as well as other organizations across the U.S., including other Kaiser Permanente research units and the HMO Research Network (HMORN), the NIAID-sponsored North American HIV Observational Cohort Collaboration (NA-ACCORD), Cancer Research Network (CRN), and the FDA Mini-Sentinel Initiative.

Johns Hopkins Members

Dr. Daniel E. Ford
David M Levine Professor of Medicine
Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research


Dr. Jill Marsteller
Associate Director, Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research
Executive Committee Member for Research Facilitation, Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Dr. Jonathan P. Weiner
Professor of Health Policy & Management and Health Informatics
Director Center for Population Health Information Technology, Director Public Health Informatics Certificate Program Program

Dr. Allen Kachalia
Senior VP Patient Safety & Quality for Johns Hopkins Medicine and Director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality


Kaiser Permanente Members

Dr. Elizabeth A. McGlynn
Vice President for Kaiser Permanente Research
Executive Director of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Effectiveness & Safety Research (CESR)

Dr. Michael Horberg
Executive Director Research, MAPMG and MAPRI


Dr. Steven Jacobsen
Senior Director of Research,
Research Professor of Preventive Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, Preventive Medicine, Los Angeles, California

Dr. Richard McCarthy
Associate Executive Director, Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group


2020 Funded Research

  1. Comprehensive Diabetes Assessment
    Principal Investigators: Jodi Segal, MD, MPH and Maile Tauali’i, PhD, MPH
  1. Addressing Medication Safety from the Pediatric Primary Care Perspective
    Principal Investigators: Leticia M. Ryan, MD, MPH and Nancy S. Weinfield, PhD
  1. Examining and Optimizing Adoption of Digital Mental Health Applications Across Health Systems
    Principal Investigators: Joseph F. McGuire, PhD, MA and Micahel J. Miller, RPh, DrPhD
  1. Development, Validation, and Testing of an Interoperable Predictive Model to Estimate Inadequate Health Literacy
    Principal Investigators: Joseph J. Gallo, MD, MPH and Micahel J. Miller, RPh, DrPhD


2019 Funded Research

  1. Barriers and Facilitators to Provider Adoption of Medication Price Transparency Tools in Electronic Medical Records: A Qualitative Study
    Principal Investigators: Ashwini Davison, MD; Douglas Roblin, PhD
  1. Benign Breast Disease: Cohort Identification for Breast Cancer Screening and Pathology Analysis
    Principal Investigators: Monica Ter-Minassian, ScD; Kala Visvanathan, MD
  1. Pilot Study to Improve the Use of EHR for Identification of Patients with Social Risks and Needs: A Collaboration of JHM and KP
    Principal Investigators: Elham Hatef, MD; Claudia Nau, PhD
  1. The Role Of Patient Portals In Ameliorating Or Exacerbating Disparities In Maternal Health
    Principal Investigators: Shari Lawson, MD, MBA, FACOG;  Nancy Weinfield, PhD


2018 Funded Research

  1. Preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake and adherence to PrEP care continuum
    Principal Investigators: Rulin Hechter, PhD, MD; Joyce Jones, MD; Katia Bruxvoort, PhD, MPH; William Towner, MD
  1. Socioeconomic Circumstances and Asthma Medication Management in the Baltimore Area: Learning How to Identify Care Gaps and Target Interventions
    Principal Investigators: Douglas Roblin, PhD and Hong Kan, PhD
  1. Realizing the Health Benefits of Rehabilitation Programs for Cardiopulmonary Disease: What Can Healthcare Systems Do to Improve Patient Engagement and Participation?
    Principal Investigators:  Douglas Roblin, PhD; Hanan Aboumatar, MD, MPH; Lee Bone, MPH
  1. Transgender Care Quality Improvement Program (TransCQuIP)
    Principal Investigators: Suma Vupputuri, PhD and Brandyn Lau, MPH, CPH