ICTR in the News: Potentially Reversible Changes in Gene Control ‘Prime’ Pancreatic Cancer Cells to Spread

The following article profiles work performed by ICTR researcher  Bert Vogelstein, M.D., professor of oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the co-director of the Ludwig Center at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Epigenetic changes, not DNA mutations, drive some metastasis A multicenter team of researchers reports that a full genomic analysis of tumor samples from a small number of people who died of pancreatic cancer suggests that chemical changes to DNA that do not affect the DNA sequence itself yet control how it operates confer survival advantages on subsets of pancreatic cancer cells. Those advantages, … Continue reading

ICTR in the News: Hospital Drones to Your House? (Video)

Featured in the below video is ICTR researcher Bruce Allen Leff, M.D., Director, The Center for Transformative Geriatric Research and a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Source: http://www.politico.com/agenda/story/2017/01/video-hospital-drones-to-your-house-000273

Some Cells Need a ‘Haircut’ Before Duplicating

Study shows how and why hairlike structures on cells are lost Many of our cells are equipped with a hairlike “antenna” that relays information about the external environment to the cell, and scientists have already discovered that the appearance and disappearance of these so-called primary cilia are synchronized with the process of cellular duplication, called mitosis. Now, cell biologists at Johns Hopkins report the discovery of new information about how this “hair loss” and cell duplication are linked through the dramatic clipping of the tips of the cilia — what the scientists dub decapitation — that begins their disassembly. The … Continue reading

Longtime Congresswoman Barbara Mikulski Joins Johns Hopkins Faculty

Five-term U.S. senator from Maryland who spent four decades in Congress named professor of public policy, presidential adviser Article by: Dennis O’Shea Barbara A. Mikulski, the longest-serving woman in the history of Congress and Maryland’s longest-tenured U.S. senator, will join the Johns Hopkins University next week as a professor of public policy and adviser to the university’s president. Mikulski, who retired from the Senate earlier this month after completing her fifth six-year term, will participate in lectures, seminars, and symposia across the university. She will organize gatherings featuring nationally known policymakers and other leaders. “BEING AT JOHNS HOPKINS ENABLES ME TO … Continue reading