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Team Science Trainings- Coffee Break Series

The Community and Collaboration Core’s Team Science Coffee Break Series offers collaborative learning and practical tips on building effective multidisciplinary, translational science teams.

Team Science Coffee Break April 17

Team Science Coffee Break Series
Innovative Models for Collaborative Impact
Wednesday, April 17, 2024 | 1:00 -2:00 pm

About the Session

In this session, we will:

  • review innovative CBPR models for fostering community-academic partnerships
  • draw from Dr. Nina Wallerstein’s Engaged for Equity conceptual model, which led to the creation of Morgan CARES services and core model (a community-engaged core located in a renovated facility in East Baltimore)
  • introduce practitioner research as a methodological approach to harness the power of team science and collaborative research in clinical settings

About the Speaker

Payam Sheikhattari, MD, MPH is a professor of Public Health at Morgan State University, and directs the Prevention Sciences Research Center. With 20+ years in community health, he focuses on community-led initiatives, targeting minorities and low-income groups to address urban health disparities. Notable achievements include leading NIH-funded projects, such as the “ASCEND” Training Model, and directing initiatives like Morgan CARES and the CEASE trial. He’s also a Principal Collaborator on the American Heart Association’s IMPACT project and an author on practitioner research in health professions.

Target Audience

This workshop is appropriate for members of translational science and biomedical teams interested in improving their ability to lead or work within research teams effectively. Whether you are starting a new team or seeking to enhance the effectiveness of your current team, this coffee break will provide you with insights and tools to apply in your work.

About the Team Science Coffee Break Series

The concept of Team Science answers the question, “How do groups, particularly interdisciplinary groups, move through a process together?” Advances in translational research are increasingly dependent on teams of individuals with different perspectives and skills working collaboratively towards a common goal. How team members collaborate and communicate continues to evolve, particularly in environments rich in knowledge diversity. Collaboration among teams goes beyond traditional boundaries, accommodating an increasingly blended and dispersed workforce.

In the ICTR Team Science Coffee Break Series, we offer collaborative learning and practical tips on building effective, multi-disciplinary, translational science teams. Each session will focus on a specific facet of Team Science and provide the opportunity to take a “deeper dive” into that area. We’ll hear from experts in managing teams, discuss our challenges, and share strategies that work for research teams of all types.