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New Procedure for Reporting CRMS Issues Beginning October 5


Effective October 5, 2023, there will be a new process for reporting CRMS issues. In conjunction with the OnCore* Sprint1 ‘Go-Live’, [email protected] will be deactivated and replaced with a new helpdesk process. To create a CRMS helpdesk ticket, visit the Service Portal – Johns Hopkins Medicine ( portal (and enter your JHEDID if prompted). Or, you can use any of the following options:

  1. Submit Ticket:  JH Portal ( → Helpdesk → Epic Help
  2. Phone:  410-614-EPIC (3742)
  3. HCGH:  410-740-7813; option 2
  4. SH:  301-896-HELP (4357); option 2
  5. SMH:  202-537-HELP (4357); option 2
  6. ACH:  727-767-4884; option 2

* OnCore is a Clinical Research Management System (CTMS) that will fully replace our current Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) by April 2024. Between October 5, 2023 (Sprint 1 Go Live) and April 22, 2024, OnCore will be used for new IRB submissions (submitted after October 5, 2023) from SKCCC and a small set of ongoing SKCCC studies, and new IRB submissions and a small set of ongoing studies for pre-selected Principal Investigators from the DOM. All other studies will continue to use CRMS until April 22, 2024 (Sprint 2 Go Live) when CRMS will be permanently retired and we will switch completely to OnCore for all clinical trials. OnCore will serve as a single, centralized, web-based enterprise resource to support clinical research studies conducted by JHM. OnCore has enhanced functionality including providing financial reporting visibility, increasing efficiency of billing compliance review & improve invoicing frequency for externally sponsored trials, harmonizing data entry and documentation, improving study compliance and facilitating collaboration with other research institutions on the same platform.

For questions regarding the launch of OnCore or to enroll in a training, visit the Resource Hub. You can also subscribe to the OnCore News mailing list.