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The Research Navigator’s Corner- February 2024

The Research Navigators regularly receive questions covering a wide range of topics about conducting research studies at Johns Hopkins. It is not uncommon for multiple investigators to submit the same query or raise issues that others in the research community would want to be aware of. Among the 15 inquiries that were submitted to the Navigators during the month of February, we believe that the following would be of interest to you:

My study will be enrolling healthy volunteers, who will be required to provide blood samples. How can I arrange to have these blood draws done? 

With a population of healthy participants, there are 3 options for obtaining research bloods:

Phlebotomy services for both pediatric and adult patients are offered at designated CRU locations.

Research coordinators who can be hired on a part-time basis through the RCSS, receive some training in clinical skills, which includes phlebotomy.

Your own study team members can receive training in phlebotomy skills through this program.

Please navigate to each program’s website for information about:

  • Contacts for questions
  • Current fees and charges for using the provided services
  • Submitting a request to obtain services