COVID-19 Clinical Research Center | IRB and ORA COVID-19 Submission Requirements

IRB and ORA COVID-19 Submission Requirements

**Begin IRB and ORA processes concurrently

Be aware of Ancillary Reviews required for COVID-19 research; the IRB requires approvals from various review committees.


Scroll approximately halfway down to:
  • COVID-Related Guidance and Research Requirements
  • Forms and Instructions for COVID-19 Related Research
    • Guidance for Informed Consent for COVID-19 Related Research
    • Supplemental Form for COVID-19 Research (HEIC Form)
    • Protocol Synopsis Template for COVID-19 Related Interventional Research
      Required for COVID-19 applications involving therapeutic interventions. 
    • For Studies Recruiting Johns Hopkins Healthcare Workers
      • COVID-19 Study Information Sheet for Employees
      • COVID-19 Study Summary Form



IRB Number
Required for ORA submission


Budget:  Budget assistance is available upon


  • Prospective Reimbursement Analysis (PRA) Guidance and Checklist 
    • While ORA drafts the PRA as part of the IRB submission process, a PRA can be initiated earlier by investigators.
    • Scroll halfway down to Clinical Research Support Services for PRA Guidance and the Checklist.
      COVID PRA Contact: Leslie Woytowitz:
    • Note: PRAs also require that an Electronic Research Insurance Clearance Form be submitted in CRMS prior to enrolling a participant


Commercial Contracting Submission Requirements:

  • There are no COVID research-specific commercial contracting requirements.
  • Investigators should work with their departmental contracts and finance management team to submit the COEUS application.
  • The ORA Contracts process should be started concurrently with the IRB application, but will not be finalized until all paperwork, including budget and consent, is final.
  • Contact: Mont Brownlee:


Proof of Completed Research Ethics and Compliance Training:
If training has already been completed, it will be pre-loaded into the submission. If not, proof of training will need to be submitted. Training can be found in JHED under myLearning

  • Clinical Research Billing Orientation (CRBO): For PI and study team members responsible for consenting patients. Retraining is required every 3 years.
  • Clinical Research Management Systems (CRMS): For PI and study team members responsible for data entry.