COVID-19 Clinical Research Center

Mission: To facilitate COVID-19 clinical research at Johns Hopkins Medicine by supporting investigators and their study team members, establishing infrastructure for outpatient COVID-19 clinical studies, and providing a centralized location for access to University resources.

Welcome to the new Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Clinical Research Center, established to help guide investigators through the complex processes of COVID-19 study design, approval, and implementation.

Our Planning Resources for Investigators page is currently under development, and we look forward in the near future to providing a stepwise process for requirements, links to relevant resources, and contact people to whom you can reach out for help at each stage. In the meantime, we offer links to institutional offices that provide information for COVID-19 research, and we encourage you to reach out to us at for help with your study. You can also review the information presented at one of our town halls.


–Mark Sulkowski, MD, Director