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Community Research Advisory Council (C-RAC)

The Community Research Advisory Council (C-RAC) leads our efforts to promote trust, understanding, and involvement in the Greater Baltimore Region in research activities and community priorities.

ICTR Community Health Research Showcase
Monday, April 15, 2024 and Monday, May 6, 2024 | 5:00-6:00 pm

Organized in 2009, the C-RAC was created to inform Johns Hopkins University leadership about the health and research priorities of patients and local residents. The ICTR believed that establishing a group of patients and local residents seeking to become more involved in clinical research would be the best way to receive community input in the research process.  For over 10 years, the council has connected researchers and community members to work together to improve community health awareness.

What We Do

  • Facilitate the inclusion of community voices in healthcare research
  • Increase community access to available health resources
  • Promote patient-centered research and engagement


What We Are Working Towards

We aim to build and empower healthy communities to serve as partners in the research process by ensuring that local residents are consulted and informed about research priorities. We strive to make sure that all stakeholders are respected, valued and rewarded for their time and expertise. By collaborating with researchers to disseminate and interpret research findings, we hope to increase public trust and support for research.


Community Engagement Consulting Service

We offer consultations to study teams where we identify issues and concerns from the community perspective. We are available to provide feedback to research teams prior to conducting a study as well as guidance on how to disseminate their findings back to the community.

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We are open to individuals who live, work and serve in the Baltimore area who are interested in health research & want to serve the community.

Meet Our Team.



If you are interested in attending a meeting as a prospective C-RAC member, please contact Crystal Evans at [email protected].