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Working with the ICTR

The ICTR offers many different services that can benefit research teams by assisting you to develop and produce high quality research in an efficient way. Our goal is to guide research teams through the research maze as early as possible in the process to avoid common barriers and pitfalls.

How we can help:

  1. Consider ICTR services when PLANNING your research study.

It is better for research teams and the ICTR to collaborate early in the process so the research plan, implementation plan, and study budget TO SUPPORT USE OF ICTR SERVICES is understood from the beginning and is less likely to need to change.

  1. Utilize the ICTR website to learn about our services and to Request a Service.

We have tried to group our services into categories for easy navigation. We still suggest you scan the list of services to evaluate what could be of use. You can easily request a service using the link on the ICTR homepage. We can also connect you with select services provided by our partners at the University of Maryland Baltimore ICTR (UMB ICTR).

  1. Ask a Navigator.

If you are a student, staff or faculty at:

  1. Plan ahead for your research expenses.

Many of the ICTR services include a combination of limited free services and a fee-for-service for more comprehensive services. The ICTR programs are prepared to assist with forming a budget and gathering the documentation needed when submitting a grant application.