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HOPE Registry

Hopkins Opportunities for Participant Engagement (HOPE) creates a centralized recruitment registry to match participants with research teams conducting various COVID-19 research studies.

To begin, study teams must first complete the REDCap Study Team Entry Form.



Responsibilities of the Study Team

  1. Submit CIR to the IRB.
  2. Complete REDCap survey detailing basic study information, including PI, study team coordinators, contact information, purpose, and eligibility criteria.
  3. Closely monitor email inbox for HOPE REDCap notifications. These notifications will provide a link to access participant information for any participant that has expressed interest in a given study.
  4. Review participant information for eligibility.
  5. Contact/recruit participant if eligible.
  6. Document the recruitment outcome in REDCap. This survey link will be provided upon notification of participant interest. The study team members will also be given access to REDCap to complete this survey at a later time.


Advantages of Participating in HOPE

  1. The HOPE team utilizes a wide range of outreach strategies, including phone calls, email, text messages, MyChart, social media, Google Ads, and the Johns Hopkins Hope website
  2. The HOPE Registry utilizes branching logic to pre-screen HOPE Registry participants for eligibility into participating studies
  3. Reports are generated for your team to easily document and track recruitment efforts in REDCap


Johns Hopkins Hope Website


Additional Information

HOPE Registry Presentation (October 15, 2020)