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Data Trust

The Data Trust provides Johns Hopkins Medicine with the technical infrastructure, standards, policies and procedures, and organization needed to bring together patient and member-related data from across the health system to support our mission.

The goals of the Data Trust are to:

  • Ensure security and privacy of our patients’ data.
  • Consolidate teams to address organizational priorities and reduce redundancy.
  • Increase the value of data through better integration and analytics.

Investigators may be referred for a Data Trust review if their study meets certain review triggers, such as the sending of identifiable patient data outside of Johns Hopkins or storing large amounts of patient data outside of pre-approved secured servers.

Dr. Christopher Chute and Dr. Stuart Ray co-chair the Data Trust Research Sub council which develops policy for research informatics, and analytics and reviews large research data requests and those requests involving third parties.

For more information about the Data Trust, visit their website: