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Biomarker Development Metabolomics Unit

Provides customized metabolic approaches ranging from simple assays to high-throughput approaches

The facility is located in Cancer Research Building 1, Room 127.
We Offer
  • Consultation to basic, clinical, and translational research teams regarding the feasibility, design, and costs of projects using metabolomics technologies (including mass spec and NMR-based metabolomics).
  • Metabolomics assessments based on specific research projects/questions ranging from simple assays or targeted metabolomics to high-throughput approaches, such as global metabolic profiling and stable isotope-13C, 15N-labeling, on a wide variety of sample types.
  • Extensive data analysis and identification of options for subsequent steps towards clinical implementation.


Examples of Metabolomics-Based Discovery of Metabolic Aspects of Cancer and Other Diseases


Technical Expertise

Dr. Le is one of the first investigators to apply metabolomics technologies to the field of cancer metabolism and metabolic aspects of other diseases, demonstrated by her lab’s publication record as a pioneer in the field. Dr. Le’s laboratory developed and brought metabolomics technologies to Johns Hopkins and has been providing metabolomics assessments to researchers from several Johns Hopkins campuses (East Baltimore, Bayview, All Children’s Hospital, and Homewood campus). She has also worked with researchers at NCI/NIH, Stanford University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York Medical College, George Washington University, Washington State University, Oregon Health & Science University, University of Maryland Baltimore, Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan, and The Federal University of São Paulo in Brazil.