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Translational Research Communities (TRC)

There are Three Translational Research Communities (TRCs): Drugs, Biologics, Vaccines, and Devices Biomarkers and Diagnostic Tests and Behavioral, Social, and Systems Science
The goals of these communities are to:
  1. Stimulate discovery that impacts health
  2. Engage and employ the wide range of ICTR resources and program areas, for example study design, biostatistics, pilot project funding, and the CRUs.
  3. Improve the quality, innovation and impact of Johns Hopkins University (JHU) translational research
  4. Improve research impact through early partnering with stakeholders and the community
  5. Consider dissemination early in the research process
  6. Enhance career satisfaction
To accomplish these goals, each TRC identifies and prioritizes the most pressing translational problems faced by the community and develops new technologies and methodologies to solve these problems. The TRC leaders were chosen because they are recognized as experts in their scientific communities, and have demonstrated their ability to rapidly translate new developments into the clinics, and through the multiple stages of clinical development. These communities develop educational and training activities that promote these new methodologies and technologies, encourage new collaborations, and facilitate connections to the other activities in the ICTR and the greater JHU Community. In addition, the TRCs offer guidance for working with the Office of Technology Licensing and facilitate access to potential commercial partners.