Clinical Research Units

Effective May 2018, the CRUs will operate using a service center model and certain associated resources require a CRU Online application and approval.


The Clinical Research Units (CRUs) provide resources at 3 locations throughout the medical campuses–Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center and the 301 Building on the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical campus. The CRUs are the safest, most efficient way to perform clinical and translational research and offer an indispensable resource that is widely used and required by our NIH funded investigators.  Through protocol review, investigator mentoring, trained nursing staff, protocols performed on the CRUs are planned, vetted, monitored and performed under a similar safety standard to clinical care.  The CRUs are staffed by experienced research nurses and the protocols are reviewed for scientific rigor, appropriateness of resources and for patient safety by the IRB and CRU review mechanisms.  The CRUs are available for investigators needing outpatient, inpatient, adult, pediatric, or neurological services.

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Applying to Use the CRUs

Directions for how to submit an ICTR Clinical Research Units (CRUs) application.

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Biostatistics Program

Offers a maximum of 5 hours of free support per clinical and translational research project.

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Cardiovascular Imaging Laboratory

Provides echocardiographic and carotid imaging for approved CRU protocols.

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Charges For Clinical Research Unit Services

Details and pricing information regarding the service center model effective May 2018.

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Exercise Physiology and Body Composition

Supports exercise protocols and offers DEXA measurements for body fat, muscle and bone composition, metabolic stress testing.

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Sites of the Bayview and East Baltimore clinical research units.

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Research Participant Advocacy

Serves as a resource to research participant volunteers.

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Research Nutrition

Develops and implements nutritional plans for research protocols in pediatrics and adults.

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Research Coordinator Support Service

A pool of research coordinators who are available for hire on a part-time basis by Johns Hopkins researchers.

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Nursing Research Resources

Focuses on nursing needs ranging from routine vital signs to intensive studies requiring intravenous infusions and specialized measures.

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