Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland at Baltimore (UMB) are comprehensive partners with joint activities in almost all areas including training programs. The Drug Discovery and Development Unit was created especially to take advantage of the experts from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the UMB School of Pharmacy. Through our combined schools and hospitals, we aim to impact research across the state of Maryland.


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Johns Hopkins Medicine and University of Maryland Baltimore Guidelines for Collaborative Research and IRB Review (effective February 2021)



Johns Hopkins University is working with Morgan State University to provide additional training opportunities for doctoral students to become experts in translational research. Our goal is to increase the diversity of the work force and provide a platform for leveraging the strengths of both institutions. Morgan State University is also working with the ICTR Community Collaboration Core to strengthen partnerships between the Baltimore community and the research communities.

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Johns Hopkins University works with Kaiser Permanente MidAtlantic States to advance each organization as a Learning Health Care System. Both organizations have funded a series of collaborative pilot studies to support research teams who are working in areas that benefit both organizations and present a broader opportunity to change the way research leads to improvements in health care delivery.


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The creation of the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Institute for Clinical and Translational Research builds upon a strong foundation in clinical/translational research that began with the hospital’s integration into Johns Hopkins Medicine in 2011. Integration of our multiple programs with the new institute at Johns Hopkins All Children’s will provide greater opportunities for our researchers and the communities we serve to more creatively and efficiently develop new therapies that can improve health of children around the country.


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