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Outreach Program Shows Appreciation to Research Participants

Behind every treatment and every cure is a group of extraordinary volunteers.


The ICTR’s Research Volunteer Appreciation Program acknowledges the contributions of the many people who volunteer as participants in research at Johns Hopkins.


“I Helped Johns Hopkins Medicine Learn Something Today!” stickers are available to be given out to volunteers at their research visit.

Volunteers who have participated in long-term, multiple or rigorous studies whose motivation and enthusiasm are exceptional in some way, are deserving of a die cast pin. “Johns Hopkins Medicine Outstanding Research Volunteer” pins are available for these volunteers who display exemplary dedication to the research endeavor.


To request stickers or pins, email Liz Martinez at and include the principal investigator’s name, IRB number, and a contact person. Liz will arrange for you to pick up items at the Clinical Research Unit on Blalock 3.

JHIRB has been informed of this program and no approval (beyond your original IrB approval) is necessary.

It is important that we let these special volunteers know how valuable they are!
For questions, please contact:

Liz Martinez RN, BSN, CCRC
Research Participant Advocate
Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical & Translational Research
Blalock 322