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New Data Protection Attestation Incorporated into eIRB System

New Data Protection Attestation streamlines paperwork associated with sharing limited data sets for research among JHU researchers.


The Data Protection Attestation available here outlines expectations for the protection of patient data and serves as a data use agreement to enable the sharing of limited data sets among JHU researchers, (both those in and outside of the JHM covered entity).


As of 8/26/2021, when study team members “agree to participate” for any study in eIRB and when a PI submits a new application or further study action, researchers agree to the terms of the Data Protection Attestation.


This new change eliminates the need to upload a separate Use of Data Agreement when using data that represents 500 or more JHM patient records and eliminates the need to execute a separate DUA outside of the eIRB system for most transfers of a limited data set to JHU collaborators.

APL researchers still require a Data Use Agreement in many circumstances. For more information, see the Data Protection Attestation Frequently Asked Questions.


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