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KL2 Scholar Amir Manbachi, MsC, PhD Publishes a Beginner’s Guide to Ultrasound

“Handbook for Clinical Ultrasound: A Beginner’s Guide to Fundamental Physics & Medical Ultrasound Applications”



Amir Manbachi, MsC, PhD is a KL2 Scholar and an assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.

Manbachi credits Ian Suk, Clare Sonntag ans Sadie Alexa Knight for bringing the book to reality.

“In this short book, we really tried to summarize my learnings in the field of ultrasound over the past 11 years, in a manner that can be listened to in a 1 hour drive or commute,” says Manbachi.

Dr. Manbachi’s research focuses on studying and innovating various applications of sound and ultrasound to refine diagnosis or treatments associated with neurosurgical procedures; examples include: using ultrasound for automatic detection of foreign body objects during surgery, incision-free treatment of brain tumors as well as ultrasound monitoring and therapy of acute spinal cord injury.

The paperback and audio version can be found on Amazon and Audible.