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Greenphire ClinCard- A New Way to Pay & Reimburse Research Participants

There is a new platform available for payments and reimbursements for Johns Hopkins School of medicine study participants.

Greenphire ClinCard is a reloadable prepaid debit card available as an alternative to study teams to provide a simple, secure, and fast way to disburse study participant payments and reimbursements. The ClinCard portal helps automate, track, and report on incentive payments across all studies and stay compliant with tax law and HIPAA regulations.  More information on this program here.

ClinCard is available now for new School of Medicine protocols needing to pay or reimburse study participants.  Beginning February 15, 2023, the ClinCard option will be available for participants in existing School of Medicine studies.

To learn more and complete the online, recorded ClinCard training, please go to myLearning and search for “ClinCard” or the full course name  “ClinCard Study Coordinator and Approver Training”.

If you have any questions about the new platform, please email