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BOOST and PROPEL Awardees



Malinda Wu, MD
“Transdermal Estradiol for Young Adult Women with CF”

Lisa Sun, MD
Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound as a Biomarker of Moyamoya Arteriopathy Disease Progression

Robert Brown, MD,MPH
“Bariatric Surgery, NASH, and Liver Repair”


Jennifer Dantzer, MD
“Patient-Centered Outcomes of the First Approved Peanut Allergy Treatment”

Yasser Ged, MBBS
“A Pilot Study of Combined Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Training in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma”

Sung-Min Cho, DO, MHS
“Long-term impAct in inTEnsive caRe survivors of CORonavirus Disease-19 (The AFTERCOR Study)”

Matthew Hamill, MBCHB, PHD, MPH
“Ending the HIV Epidemic through Point-OF-CARE Technologies (EHPOC): Performance Evaluation of Novel POC HIV Tests in Baltimore”

Luu Pham, MD
“Pilot Study of Enhancing Parasympathetic Tone for Treatment of Insomnia”



Sonye Danoff, MD, MPH
“Remote Monitoring of Oxygen Dependent ILD Patients (O2 RPM)”

Mandeep Singh, MD
“Gyrate Atrophy Ocular and Systemic Study (GYROS)”


Ellen Mowry, MD & Kathryn Fitzgerald, MD
“COVID-19 Risk with Immune-modulating Medication Study (COVID-19 RIMS)”

Jeanne Clark, MD, MHS (formerly Raquel Greer)
“Impact of Medically-tailored Meals on Health Care Outcomes and Costs Among Low-income Adults with Diabetes”

Clifford Weiss, MD
“Bariatric Embolization of ArTeries with imaging visibLe EmbolicS (BEATLES) – Pilot Phase”