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Seventh Annual Diagnostic Excellence Summit: Diagnostic Digital Health Research

Over the past few years, research interest in diagnostic digital health has blossomed at Johns Hopkins and across the country. What is new? What have we learned? What is the place of the clinician-scientist in this new milieu? What does a successful research career in this space look like?

In this symposium, we focus on diagnostic digital technologies and their associated data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will cover the gamut of concerns, from social and ethical to technical and tactical.

You will learn from experts in the field who are from outside of Johns Hopkins — the private sector, nonprofits and government — and from inside: You will meet like-minded collaborators and will discover opportunities and services available at Johns Hopkins.

The use of digital health for diagnosis — whether measuring patient data or providing diagnostic advice — has become part and parcel of the practice of medicine. Many faculty, especially junior faculty, have their careers invested in different aspects of this practice, whether it be machine learning and the analysis of clinical data to develop decision support, the inclusion of decision support into practice, or the inclusion of new technologies. Over the past few years, Johns Hopkins has developed service and educational capacity to help faculty members, and has developed a rich network of collaborators. And yet some key questions remain: How is digital health research different from traditional biomedical and health services research? In the era of tech companies racing to develop new products in a time frame so different from academia, what is the role of faculty in the digital health ecology, and how do they develop a research career that prospers?

Attendees will:

• Identify diagnostic digital-health research resources to fit to their needs.

• Begin relationships with potential collaborators for research or for funding.

• Relate their research plans to those of fellow faculty or to those of senior faculty who have pioneered the pathway for them.

• Articulate necessary and state-of-the-art components of a fundable diagnostic digital-health research project.

• Identify gaps in, and opportunities for, diagnostic digital-health methods or services.

• Contrast the academic and the industry research timelines.


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September 27, 2023


9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Turner Auditorium
720 Rutland Ave