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Set Up Technology for Communicating with Participants and Protecting Data


Extension to Cellular Service
Johns Hopkins personnel with Avaya telephones can have incoming calls to their desk phones to ring on both their office phones and one outside phone (typically a cellular phone). Using this service, when a customer places a call using their cellular phone, their JH desk telephone number appears on the caller ID of the person receiving the call. The service costs $4/month.

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RightFax is Johns Hopkins’ standard secure electronic faxing system. RightFax allows you to do several things:

  • View and print a fax
  • Save a fax to a network drive
  • Sweep a fax to a patient in Epic
  • Attach a fax to an email
  • Forward a fax to another number
  • Split one fax into multiple faxes
  • Make annotations on a fax

The RightFax system is available at several different locations; East Baltimore, Homewood, Bayview, Sibley, Howard Co, Mt. Washington, and Keswick. RightFax users can be set up with a personal fax account, or they can be given access to a group fax number that is shared and managed by multiple users. To establish an account, contact the RightFax Application team- Matt Campbell,, 667-208-7108 & Steven Nguyen,, 667-208-7657.
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To enable off site access to your email, network drives, applications, etc., utilize Pulse Secure VPN Client and enroll in Johns Hopkins Azure MFA.

Laptops must meet all requirements described in IT Policies Guideline: TECH001 Acceptable Use and Security of Johns Hopkins Information Technology Resources, with particular attention given to encryption. Similarly, use of tablets, smartphones, flash drives, etc. for working with PHI and other confidential information, must comply with all requirements described in Policies for Providers: General Administration Policy A811 Use of Portable Electronic Devices