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Learn About Vivli, A Data Sharing Platform for Clinical Research Data May 16

Please join us Thursday, May 16 from 10-11 am in the Becton Dickinson Auditorium (Rm W1020, JHBSPH) for an engaging presentation from Vivli’s Executive Director, Dr. Rebecca Li.  Dr. Li will discuss how Johns Hopkins researchers involved in clinical research can use the Vivli platform. Vivli is a global data sharing platform built on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud with the mission to facilitate scientific sharing and reuse of clinical research data. Attendees will learn: How a global data sharing platform like Vivli can assist in research (publications, grants and clinical research, secondary analysis). How to use Vivli to meet new NIH […]

Johns Hopkins University Joins the Vivli Data Sharing Platform

Have you ever been asked to share your clinical trial data but said no because it was too difficult to share the data for technical reasons?  Have you ever had to develop a data sharing plan for a grant application and waited until the last minute because there was no good plan? Sharing of clinical trial data is part of our compact with research participants to maximize the value of their contributions. Data sharing is an expectation of funders.  Access to data allows for replication of results, high quality meta analyses and exploration of secondary hypotheses.  For many years the […]