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Research Participant Satisfaction Survey

In July 2016, we randomly selected 500 participants from the Clinical Research Management Services list to receive a survey by email if they were involved in a research study at Johns Hopkins within the last 6 months. This survey will be administered semi-yearly.   Sample Questions What is your overall experience in a research study? Would you recommend joining a research study to your family and friends? What are your reasons for joining a study? Did the informed consent form prepare you for what to expect during the study? Did the information and discussions you had before participating in the […]

Research Participant Advocate

Research Participant Advocates: Serve as a resource to volunteers. Contact us for an independent witness to the consent process, to serve on the volunteers behalf in the case of a misunderstanding between the volunteer and study team, or to provide information about research in general or a specific protocol. Provide consulting expertise on human subjects and regulatory issues, including IRB applications, the informed consent process, study feasibility and Good Clinical Practice (GCP). Contact us for quick expert help. Review applications to the Clinical Research Unit to assure high standards for Human Subjects Protections. Call us to review your consent form, […]

Community Research Advisory Council

The Community Research Advisory Council creates a forum for patients and diverse stakeholders to help shape research conducted at Johns Hopkins.

Become a Research Participant

Things You Should Know Clinical Trials 101 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Study   Videos to Watch PARTICIPATING IN RESEARCH: WHAT IS RESEARCH?   2018 RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS FROM JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE   GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARDS   Institution Review Boards Johns Hopkins researchers partner with groups throughout the state and the nation to conduct many different kinds of health research studies, including clinical trials. Studies may involve participants with specific health conditions as well as healthy volunteers. If you are considering participating in a study, it may be helpful to view the video below to learn about […]