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Metabolomics Lab

The Metabolomics Program: Provides consultation to basic, clinical, and translational research teams regarding the feasibility, design, and costs of projects using metabolomics technologies (including mass spec and NMR-based metabolomics); Provides metabolomics approaches based on specific research projects/questions: ranging from simple assays to high-throughput approaches such as global metabolic profiling and stable isotope-13C, 15N-labeled on a wide variety of sample types; Provides extensive data analysis and suggests options for subsequent steps towards clinical implementation. Examples of Metabolomics-Based Discovery of Metabolic Aspects of Cancer and Other Diseases: Identify new metabolic pathways: PMID:22225880, PMID:30970252 Identify metabolic target pathways upon a given metabolic inhibitor treatment in vivo: PMID:27559084 Monitor […]

Drug Discovery Development Core

“A collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland” Discovery & Early Development Medicinal Chemistry Unit: Reference compound synthesis to synthesize commercially unavailable compounds of key biological and pharmacological interest to core users as reference and/or tool compounds. Contact: Takashi Tsukamoto, PhD., 443-629-7984, ttsukamoto@jhmi.edu David Meyers, PhD., 410-502-4804, dmeyers7@jhmi.edu Assay Development and Screening Unit: Biochemical and assay development support will assist biochemical assays development for putative therapeutic targets along with Cell-based assay development support that will facilitate development of cell-based drug screening assays. The Drug Screening Library maintains, distributes, and screens drug library (FDA approved) compounds. This library is […]