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Metabolomics Lab

The Metabolomics Program: Provides consultation to basic, clinical, and translational research teams regarding the feasibility, design, and costs of projects using metabolomics technologies (including mass spec and NMR-based metabolomics); Provides metabolomics approaches based on specific research projects/questions: ranging from simple assays to high-throughput approaches such as global metabolic profiling and stable isotope-13C, 15N-labeled on a wide variety of sample types; Provides extensive data analysis and suggests options for subsequent steps towards clinical implementation. Examples of Metabolomics-Based Discovery of Metabolic Aspects of Cancer and Other Diseases: Identify new metabolic pathways: PMID:22225880, PMID:30970252 Identify metabolic target pathways upon a given metabolic inhibitor treatment in vivo: PMID:27559084 Monitor […]

Lab Resources

The ICTR laboratories provide coordinated help across several related programs, all focused on the foundational components required to effectively translate new drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices, biomarkers and diagnostics into clinical trials and eventually clinical practice. Biologics Translational Program This lab offers: Biologic product development and testing Consultative support for biologic development Preclinical testing to clinical production for early phase clinical testing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility and expertise to produce and maintain (stability testing Cell lines Gene vectors Antibodies Peptides   Contact:  Vic Lemas, PhDLab Leader410-614-5411 | mvlemas@jhmi.edu Ruth Karron, MDLab Leader410-614-0319 | rkarron1@jhmi.edu Submit a Connection Request Cardiovascular Imaging […]