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Third Thursdays with the ICTR

We encourage all faculty, staff and students to attend. There will be a question and answer period at the close of each lecture. If you have suggestions for future topics, feel free to contact us. Attendees Will Learn: the basics for using Epic for research what services are available for researchers using Epic how Epic is currently being used for research To register, visit https://apr2019thirdthurs.eventbrite.com. For additional information, please contact Crystal Williams at cwill137@jhu.edu or visit: https://ictr.johnshopkins.edu/ThirdThursdays If you are unable to attend, you can view the lecture here. This lecture series showcases many of the resources, programs, educational training and other opportunities […]

Epic for Research

The Epic Medical Record System has multiple features to support clinical research at Johns Hopkins. The following functionality is pre-built and is available for immediate use: An interface with the Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) that populates study and participant data in Epic. An indication in the patient banner that a patient is on a research study and information about their studies. Ability to link an encounter to a study. Ability to associate an order with a study. Research order sets. Research notes, which can be created by the study coordinator Use of existing MyChart Questionnaires to collect patient reported outcomes […]

Additional Patient Information Now Available in the Epic in Basket Message

The “Epic In Basket” message, which notifies study teams if a research participant has been admitted to either the emergency department or as an inpatient, is getting an upgrade. In addition to the participant’s name, medical record number and other demographics, admission information will now include: the study in which the patient is participating the chief complaint and diagnosis (if documented) more detailed admission information any notes posted in the problem list A screenshot of the new “Epic In Basket” message is below.  You can also download it here. For questions and or concerns, please contact the Epic research team […]

MyChart Recruitment

Introduction The MyChart Recruitment Service is a collaboration between data analysts, experts in recruitment methods, and clinical researchers that offers a secure method of electronically recruiting potential research participants. Target populations are identified and reached through database queries that are embedded in Epic. Potential participants are messaged via their activated Johns Hopkins MyChart account. Team members at the Recruitment Innovation Unit (RIU) within The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) work together to manage this service. Our goal is to support ongoing research at Johns Hopkins, while also empowering and engaging patients by connecting them with clinical research studies […]

Epic Star Data Warehouse

The Star Data Warehouse is an analytical healthcare database that brings together Epic and non-Epic data, such as patient satisfaction information, in one simplified reporting database to vastly improve query ease and efficiency of data extraction for a key subset of data in Epic. To learn more about the Star Data Warehouse implementation at Johns Hopkins Medicine, please visit the the JHM SDW website. Please note, this is an internal website, visible only on the Hopkins network. Benefits Epic and non-Epic data in one place. Information from outside of Epic next to Epic data can be used to create reports […]