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2019 Doris Duke Awardees

This award provides financial and mentoring resources for one to two years to junior physician scientists working to have a productive career while also facing significant extra-professional care-giving demands. The awardees are: Project: “Development of a Novel Parent Activation Intervention to Address Early Obesity and Lifetime Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Low-income Racial/Ethnic Minority Preschoolers” Mentor: Lisa A. Cooper, MD, MPH         Project:“Novel Biomarkers and Pain Phenotypes in Trigeminal Neuralgia” Mentors: Srinivasa Raja, MD; Michael Lim, MD; Claudia Campbell, PhD; Seena Ajit, PhD                 Project: “Harnessing health information technology to engage […]

2018 Doris Duke Awardees

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research is proud to announce the selection of another four promising young faculty members for the second cohort of Doris Duke Early Clinician Investigator Award recipients.

2017 Doris Duke Awardees

Congratulations to the Recipients Announced for 2017 Doris Duke Early Clinician Investigator Awards including ICTR researchers Raquel Greer, MD, MHS; Jin Hui Joo, MD, MA; and Julie Paik, MD, MHS

Doris Duke Early Clinician Investigator Award

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has been committed to advancing clinical research for many years. Their review of the data has led them to the position that short term support for clinical researchers facing extra professional demands could help them stay on a clinical investigation career track. With funding from the foundation and the School of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins Doris Duke Early Clinician Investigator Award aims to provide financial and mentoring resources for up to eighteen months to junior physician scientists who are working to maintain productivity during periods of significant extra professional responsibilities – childcare, elder care, family […]