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Apply for the CCDA Core Coins Award

The Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA) assists investigators with access to data in Epic and other institutional databases, operating as a fee-for-service core with two hours per research project funded by the Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR). The CCDA is staffed with experienced data analysts who assist with access to data while also helping researchers comply with Data Trust privacy and security regulations. The CCDA is pleased to announce the award of $25,000 in Core Coins which will be distributed to faculty to allow junior researchers and unfunded study teams the opportunity to gain access to data […]

Center for Clinical Data Analysis Receives 2018 School of Medicine Core Coins Award

Congratulations to our Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA)!   With the successful launch of the Core Coins Program several years ago, which has provided investigators opportunities to pursue novel research and acquire preliminary data for new grants, we recently invited school of medicine core facilities to apply for participation in the upcoming 2018 Core Coins Program. Similar to the focus in recent years, the goal of the 2018 Core Coins Program is to support school of medicine investigators through a limited amount of free access to exceptional expertise and technology included in the school of medicine’s core portfolio.   […]