Johns Hopkins ICTR

2019 – 2020

TL1 Pre Doc Trainees

Aanika Balaji (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests: Medical oncology

Diana Bongiorno (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests:  Disparities in stroke treatment

Li-Kuang Cheng (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests:

Patient advocacy

Sophia Diaz (CBID/SOM)


Research Interests:

Digestive Diseases

Nicole Fischer (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests:

Cognitive and psychiatric outcomes of Parkinson’s disease patients

Emerald Rivers (PhD/SON)

Research Interests: 

Dementia intervention

Rafa Rahman (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests:

Spine surgery patient-reported outcomes

Kyra Mendez (PhD/SON)

Research Interests:

Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients

Julia Waigner (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests: 

Adolescent preventative care, transitions of care, quality of care for patients with low health literacy

Anna Marie Young (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests:

OB/GYN maternal experiences through education & research

Kathryn Taylor (SON/PhD)



George Zhang (MPH/SOM)

Research Interests: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics