Apply to the Program


Medical Students:

  1. You must apply to a degree program, see the websites listed below for specific instructions: MPH: Application Website.  MHS in Epidemiology: Application Website   MSE in Bioengineering Innovation and Design: Application Website
  2. A supplemental application to the Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program is required.

Nursing Students:

  1. This program is only open to trainees who will be entering their 2nd year of higher in the SON PhD program as of matriculation (July 1 following application).
  2. Our selection committee will need to review your previous PhD application. Once you have completed the supplemental application, you must e-mail Stacey Marks ( a filled copy of the attached form stating that you allow access of your PhD application to the PCRTP TL1 Reviewers. SON waiver of admission app.PCTRP TL1
  3. A supplemental application* to the Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program is required.

Instructions for Supplemental Application.

  1. Supplemental Requirements:
    1.  1-2 page statement of purpose (single-spaced, 12 point font) describing your career objectives, interest and/or experience in at least one of the clinical research areas described here.
    2. One additional letter of recommendation to the program.  
    3. You can begin application, save your data and return to submit.  

Degree Program Application Deadlines:
December 1st for MPH & MHS Medical Student Applicants
December 31st for MSE Medical Student Applicants


Applying early is encouraged. All materials (letter of recommendations, academic transcripts, etc) must be submitted by the application deadline.