Ask Me About Clinical Research

The Ask Me About Clinical Research campaign, administered by the Study Coordinator Apprenticeship and Mentorship Program (SCAMP), objective is to provide accurate information to anyone with questions about the clinical research process in a central location.


Johns Hopkins’ study team staff members, doctors and study coordinators on both the East Baltimore and Bayview campus that display “Ask Me About Clinical Research” buttons, will distribute information cards that will direct interested people to this web page.  Below you will find detailed resource guide materials and a printable resource guide.

We are looking forward to getting staff involved in our campaign to raise awareness and education on clinical research.  Any study teams or staff who are interested in being a part of the Ask Me About Research Campaign by wearing buttons and distributing info cards, please email us at

What is an IRB?

Understanding Clinical Research

All About Clinical Research
A detailed review of clinical trials and how they are conducted.

NIH Clinical Trials and You
A personalized collection of resources such as FAQs, common terms and where to find more information about participating in research.  Stories from researchers and volunteers.

Why Clinical Trials?
Important questions about research, including why clinical trials are needed.

Basic Q and A about Clinical Trials</b
Common broad questions about research and also the role of the FDA.

Questions to Ask before Volunteering
Suggested questions to ask before participating in research.

What to Expect in a Research Study
Learn what to generally expect as a research participant.

Phases of Trials
Learn about the different phases of trials and what happens in each.

Find A Study

Clinical Trials at Johns Hopkins
Search engine to Hopkins-specific studies.

Studies Nationwide
Search for studies nationwide by keywords.

Studies for Specific Conditions
Glossary of various conditions studied through the NIH and how to find information for studies pertaining to them.

Stay Connected

Get Trial Alerts
Sign up to receive alerts pertaining to clinical trials.

AWARE for All Campaign
Learn about the CISCRP AWARE for All Campaign and find local events.

INSPIRE Social Network
A social website  for support and networking.

Research at Johns Hopkins

About Johns Hopkins Research
News and information about research at Johns Hopkins

Hopkins Research by Topic
Learn about types of research in specific departments of Johns Hopkins.

Cancer Research

Find a Trial by Type of Cancer
Search for trials by type of cancer diagnosis.

Oncology Resources
Several types of resources for patients and families.

Finding out What Study Is a Good Fit
Help finding out which study is right for you.

Children in Research

Learn about Research in Children
Learn more about why research is done in pediatrics.

Research Video
An informative video about children in research.

News about Research in Children
Read about past, present and future news in pediatric research.

Resources for Pediatric Research
Access to news, study information and resources for pediatric research.

Learn About Rules and Regulations

HIPAA and Research
Detailed outline of how HIPAA affects research.

FDA Rules and Regulations
Guide to federal regulations as laid out by the FDA in regards to research.

ICH Guidelines
Listing of ICH guidelines in relation to clinical research.

Medicare and Research

More Information

Learn about Research in Spanish
Detailed information about research entirely in Spanish.

African Americans in Research
Direct link to the CISCRP brochure on African American participation in research and why it is important.

Women in Research
Learn more about research specific to women and why their participation is important

Medicines Being Studied Now
See current medicines in the process of research.

Get Matched with a Study
Fill out information and be connected and matched to studies.

Facts and Figures