Project DIDACT

The purpose of this project is to Disseminate, to the clinical and translational research community, Innovative statistical methods and software for the Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials. This joint effort among doctors Miguel Hernan (Harvard), David Kent (Tufts), Kelley Kidwell (Michigan), Michael Rosenblum (Johns Hopkins), Daniel Scharfstein (Johns Hopkins) and Ravi Varadhan, will create a cutting edge analytic tool kit needed to support the next generation of trials.

Topics will include:

  • Sequential, multiple assignment randomized trial (SMART) designs (Kidwell)
  • Leveraging baseline covariates to improve the efficiency of randomized trials (Rosenblum)
  • Casual analysis of pragmatic trials (Hernan)
  • Sensitivity analysis for randomized trials with missing outcome data (Scharfstein)
  • Heterogeneity of treatment effects and individualized treatment effects (Kent, Varadhan)

The goal is to conduct in-person case-based short courses, produce online training materials and provide mentorship/consulting through Adobe Connect sessions.