Apply to the Program

Medical Students:

  1. You must apply to a degree program, see the websites listed below for specific instructions: MPH: Application Website.  MHS in Epidemiology: Application Website   MSE in Bioengineering Innovation and Design: Application Website
  2. A supplemental application to the Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program is required.

Nursing Students:

  1. This program is only open to trainees who will be entering their 2nd year of higher in the SON PhD program as of matriculation (July 1 following application).
  2. Our selection committee will need to review your previous PhD application. Once you have completed the supplemental application, you must e-mail Stacey Marks ( a filled copy of the attached form stating that you allow access of your PhD application to the PCRTP TL1 Reviewers. SON waiver of admission app.PCTRP TL1
  3. A supplemental application* to the Predoctoral Clinical Research Training Program is required.

Instructions for Supplemental Application will follow soon.

  1. Due to our NIH grant renewal, we have a delay in accepting applications for 2019-20.
  2. Consider preparing the following:
    1.  1-2 page statement of purpose (single-spaced, 12 point font) describing your career objectives, interest and/or experience in at least one of the clinical research areas described here.
    2. One additional letter of recommendation to the program.  

TL1 Application Deadline:
Application for 2019-20 to be determine soon.  For updated information email:

Degree Program Application Deadlines:
December 1st for MPH & MHS Medical Student Applicants
December 31st for MSE Medical Student Applicants

Applying early is encouraged. All materials (letter of recommendations, academic transcripts, etc) must be submitted by the application deadline.