Patient Safety Collaborative

“An infrastructure of expertise to streamline the discovery and translation of innovative technologies that improve patient safety”


The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research is working with Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering to establish an Engineering Collaborative for Patient Safety. Its purpose is to bring engineering talent to clinicians to solve patient safety issues.

Potential benefit to clinician and patients:

• Collaboration with Hopkins engineering master students with exceptional talent. Engaging students early represents an opportunity to engage exceptional intellects.
• Students have time, energy, and ambition to research issues, identify needs, and pool together resources for solutions.
• Direct and concentrated efforts to address patient safety issue(s).

This collaborative is a combined effort of The Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) program at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering, The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, The Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, The Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, The Welch Center for Prevention, Epidemiology and Clinical Research, and The Johns Hopkins Hospital Clinical Engineering Services.

If you have an idea, project, or site that you think could benefit from a team of Master of Science in Engineering Management students, or any other inquiries, please contact the Program Manager, Stacey Marks

All projects for the 7-week Fall course are vetted and selected through our office in the Spring prior. However, please get in touch if you have any interest or need in engineering student teams or individuals.  We will try to facilitate filling that need through our collaborative.  Both short and long-term projects are welcome.

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