2014 Scholars

Matt Burkey, MD, MPH
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Mentor: Dr. Larry Wissow
Research Interest(s): Global Child Mental Health Care

Roland Faigle, MD, PhD
Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Gottesman
Research Interest(s): cerebral autoregulation, perioperative stroke risk, stroke pathophysiology

Ariel Green, MD, MPH
Mentor: Dr. Bruce Leff
Research Interest(s): decision-making, competing risks, frailty, cardiac implantable electronic devices

Clare Lee, MD
Mentor: Dr. Jeanne Clark
Research Interest(s): Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Bariatric Surgery

Doris Leung, MD
Neurology (KKI)
Mentor: Dr. Kathryn Wagner
Research Interest(s): Neuromuscular Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, EMG

Nestoras Mathioudakis, MD
Mentor: Dr. Sherita Golden
Research Interest(s): inpatient glucose management, diabetes, patient safety, quality improvement

Emily McGowan, MD
Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Mentor: Dr. Robert Wood
Research Interest(s): Food Allergy

Christy Sadreameli, MD
Pediatric Pulmonology
Mentor: Dr. John Strouse
Research Interest(s): Sickle Cell Disease, Asthma, Secondhand Smoke

Nakiya Showell, MD, MPH
General Pediatrics
Mentor: Dr. Lisa Cooper
Research Interest(s): Obesity prevention, Obesity disparities, Multi-level interventions, Clinic-based interventions

Tanya Wansom, MD, MPP
Infectious Disease
Mentor: Dr. Mark Sulkowski
Research Interest(s): Viral hepatitis (HBV and HCV) and HIV/AIDS