BIRCWH Scholars

2021-2022 Scholars

Martha A. Abshire, PhD, MS, RN Assistant Professor Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Dr. Abshire’s research addresses the needs of advanced heart failure patients and their informal caregivers. She will develop and test a novel multi-component intervention tailored to caregiver goals, HEart failure Resilience Intervention for Caregivers (HEROIC), to improve preventive health behaviors, reduce caregiver burden and improve QOL among HF caregivers during her BIRCWH award.

Charvonne N. Holliday, PhD
Assistant Professor
Population, Family, and Reproductive Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Holliday’s study focuses on measuring reproductive coercion perpetration and exploring the socio-ecological correlates of this specific form of gender-based violence.

Binu Koirala, PhD, MGS, RN
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Dr. Koirala’s research focuses on developing a tool/framework consisting of co-designed strategies for quality multimorbidity care of patients living with two or more chronic conditions and their family members.

Lindsay R. Standeven, MD

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Dr. Standeven’s research focuses on the role of neurosteroid alterations in the symptoms of anxiety and depression experienced by women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).