Participant Recruitment Consultations

We provide consultation and coaching on the recruitment and retention of diverse research participants using evidence based and ‘field tested’ methods. 

About Us

Our staff offers advice and guidance to help investigators and research staff identify and address recruitment barriers. Our consultants have experience with technology and community-engaged recruitment strategies.

Technology Based Recruitment  

The Recruitment & Retention Consultants helped a research team recruit adults with chronic kidney disease by collaborating with the Center for Clinical Data Analtyics, experts in the use of electronic health records for recruitment.  For more information go to Technology Based Recruitment for Kidney Disease Study

Community-Engaged Recruitment

Another service has been to connect researchers with potential study candidates in the community at health fairs, community events, and public meetings with organizations that will allow them to recruit.

An investigator was conducting a study entitled “Optimizing approaches to identifying glaucoma among at risk African-Americans and Hispanics,” and requested help identifying community locations to conduct glaucoma screenings. The investigator’s goal was to conduct glaucoma screening on 900 African-Americans and Hispanics over 50 years of age within six months. At the time of the consultation, the team had recruited only 30 participants. Our team facilitated access to two church health conferences and four senior living facilities for glaucoma screenings. To date the investigator has recruited 400 participants and is on track to complete recruitment as projected.

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