Community Engagement Resources for Investigators

The Community Collaboration Core provides resources for investigators by bringing researchers, diverse communities, and stakeholders together to share their knowledge, skills and resources with a common goal of improving community health.


We offer individualized consultations to researchers seeking:

  • Community and patient input on research proposal design
  • Assistance identifying potential community partners
  • Guidance on survey design and administration

All consultations are delivered by our Community Research Advisory Council (C-RAC), a panel of experts comprised of academic researchers, health care professionals and community members.

To request a consultation complete and submit a Connection Request.

Community Engaged Research Training

We offer introductory and advanced training in community engaged research. Training topics include:  Planning and evaluating community engagement in research; disseminating research findings to the public; building and sustaining research partnerships.

All training is delivered by Johns Hopkins faculty and staff in collaboration with the Community Research Advisory Council. The council includes academic researchers, health care professionals and community members with diverse expertise.

Community Outreach Research Training for High School Students

We partner with local high schools to teach students about clinical research, ethics, and career opportunities. Faculty, staff, and students often serve as instructors.

Community Research Forums

We organize forums that give scientists, health professionals, local residents, and patients an opportunity to discuss research. These forums help scientists gain a better understanding of the health priorities of local residents and community members a chance to build trusting relationships with researchers.

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