Events and Workshops for Researchers

May 31, 2017 Improving Long Term Outcomes Research

On Wednesday, May 31 from 10-11 AM in Tilghman Auditorium, Dale Needham, MD, PhD and his research team will present the many FREE resources for conducting clinical research, funded by his National Heart Lung and Blood Institute R24 national infrastructure grant.

  • This grant has created resources for clinical researchers conducting longitudinal follow-up studies, including:
    a database of common patient-reported and performance-based outcome measurements and standardized information about them;
  • adaptable tools, templates, and manuals to maximize retention of research participants, including an interactive searchable database of >600 retention strategies;
  • a statistical tool to address “competing risk of mortality” when evaluating functional outcomes.

Dr. Needham and his research team will give a brief overview of the free resources available through the project’s website: All study team members are encouraged to attend.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Dale Needham’s group at improveLTO@jhmi.eduor visit their site


May 12, 2017 Lunch & Learn: Recruiting and Retaining Teens and Other Diverse Populations in Research

Speakers: Anthony Morgan, Senior Research Program Coordinator and Cassie Land, MS, Research Program Manager

Program Highlights:

  • Successful techniques focused in usage of technology to recruit and retain adolescents in research
  • Presentation of a case study that demonstrated best practices for recruitment and retention in sexual health research study of minority LGBTQ youth
  • Discussion of lessons learned in recruitment and retention that can be applied to other diverse populations

To view the webcast, visit:

March 31, 2017 Progress on Stakeholder Engaged Research Forum

Over fifty patients, community members, advocates, and research teams attended the Progress in Stakeholder Engaged Research Forum hosted by the Community Engagement Program of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.  Dr. Lisa Cooper provided the keynote address, “ Achieving Health Equity through Patient, Community, and Stakeholder Engagement in Research .”  Within her presentation,she described the principles and actions that cultivate meaningful academic-community partnerships.

The forum was organized to give individuals involved in health research throughout greater Maryland an opportunity to participate in group discussions to:

  • Share their experiences and perceptions of stakeholder engaged research
  • Identify best practices to engage stakeholders throughout the research process
  • Recommend resources that the ICTR can offer to support stakeholder engaged research

September 9, 2016 Research Participant Recruitment & Retention Conference

This conference welcomed nationwide and local research professionals, various stakeholders and study team members to discuss best practices and innovative strategies for research participant recruitment.

The conference showcased the following:

  • Best practices and novel strategies for participant recruitment and retention using case studies.
  • Skill building sessions on social media recruitment and community-engaged recruitment strategies.
  • Poster presentations displaying successful approaches, best practices, case studies or problem solving techniques.


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