Qualtrics Survey

What is Qualtrics?
Qualtrics is the world’s leading enterprise survey company, used by 1,300 colleges and universities worldwide, including every major university in the United States. Qualtrics makes it easy to create and distribute engaging surveys.

Qualtrics is free for use by all School of Medicine faculty, students and staff for research, evaluations, event registration and more. Surveys can be created and distributed by anyone with a current university login. In order to protect sensitive data, please use Qualtrics instead of Survey Monkey for your surveys.

Beyond regular surveys, Qualtrics provides a rich set of features, including the ability to support:

  • Sharing survey design and results with your colleagues (Qualtrics “Collaboration” feature)
  • Institutional research and assessment
  • Experimental design
  • Academic survey outreach
  • Alumni outreach
  • Event registration
  • Student and faculty elections
  • Course and professor evaluation
  • Tests and quizzes

How Do I Get A Qualtrics Account?

Please submit a request for a Qualtrics account for School of Medicine by clicking on the following link:

For Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, please request your account at http://my.jhsph.edu

For Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, please apply your account through https://wiki.nursing.jhu.edu/display/KB/Qualtrics+Survey+Software


Do not go to the public Qualtrics Website and create a free trial account. All work done in a free trial account will not be accessible under the University-wide Qualtrics license.

How Do I Log Into Qualtrics?
Once you have a Qualtrics account, you can login to Qualtrics as follows:

Go to https://jhmi.co1.qualtrics.com/ControlPanel/

Local Support for Login Issues:
Richard Zhu
Phone: 410-614-1933
Email: zhu@jhu.edu

Product Support:
Product specific questions can be answered by visiting the Qualtrics Support website. The Qualtrics Support website offers an extensive set of online resources.
If you have more specific questions you can also contact Qualtrics by email or phone.
Support: http://www.qualtrics.com/university
Phone: 800-340-9194
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-8pm ESTs
Email: support@qualtrics.com

The following links are a good place to start to learn more about Qualtrics: