Vivli Data Sharing Platform

A user-friendly, secure, state-of-the art data sharing and computing platform.


Sharing of clinical trial data is part of our compact with research participants to maximize the value of their contributions. Data sharing is an expectation of funders.  Access to data allows for replication of results, high quality meta analyses and exploration of secondary hypotheses.  For many years the logistics of responsible data sharing have acted as barriers to data sharing.


In July 2018 Johns Hopkins University joined with Harvard UniversityDuke University and University of California at San Francisco and several foundations and commercial organizations as founding members for Vivli, a not-for-profit organization with the mission to facilitate sharing of clinical trial data.  Vivli includes an independent data repository, cloud-based analytics platform, and in-depth search engine through which data from clinical trials conducted by researchers in academic, industry, foundation, and non-profit entities can be hosted, shared and accessed.

Under the current agreement, Johns Hopkins research teams can upload clinical trial information and data at no charge.  Limitations to the use of the data can be stipulated and research teams are notified before any other party accesses the data.  Data users are required to analyze the data on the secure Vivli platform without copying the data set. Research teams who utilize Vivli fulfill the requirements for a data sharing plan expected by funders.


Vivli Website

Slides from May 2019 Presentation