TriNetX is a self-service web-based data exploration tool which helps clinical researchers to define a patient cohort using inclusion and exclusion criteria and to explore cohort attributes.


TriNetX is populated with data from Epic which have been cleaned, curated and more fully mapped to codes like LOINC to improve data quality and analysis. The date range of data in TriNetX is from July 2016 – present in order to reduce the problem of unexpected gaps in the data prior to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Epic enterprise go-live.

Some investigators may already be using Epic SlicerDicer to explore patient cohorts. While similar in concept, TriNetX and SlicerDicer have different strengths and weaknesses.

TriNetX vs SlicerDicer Comparison Chart


Interested in using TriNetX?

To get access to TriNetX you must be a Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, or student and have a Hopkins JHED account.

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Introduction to TriNetX

TriNetX Demonstration


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