TriNetX vs SlicerDicer

Decide which would be the better tool for your study.


Who can access? Any staff, faculty member, or student with the JHED ID and password Anyone with an Epic Hyperspace account with reporting privileges
Date range of the data July 1, 2016 to present April 2013 to present, with some legacy data prior to 2013
Frequency of updates Bi- weekly Nightly
Quality of data Better than what is collected in Epic As collected in Epic
Types of data Demographics, Diagnoses, Procedures, Medications, Labs, Visits Wider variety of data, including Family History, Providers, Epic Registries, Research Studies, Risk/Care Scores, Social History, etc.
Analysis tools Number of patients in a cohort. Exploration of that cohort’s demographics, co-morbidities, procedures, medications, and labs. Clinical phenotype criteria analysis. Rate of arrival prediction. Number of patients in a cohort trended over time and/or stratified by subcohorts
Ability to access identifiable data Yes, with assistance from the Core for Clinical Research Data Acquisition (CCDA) Physicians may access identifiable data for patients they have treated. Otherwise, help is needed from the Core for Clinical Research Data Acquisition (CCDA)
Online design assistance Yes No