Precision Medicine Analytics Platform (PMAP)

The mission of the Johns Hopkins Precision Medicine Analytics Platform is to “revolutionize the capacity of health centers to continuously improve their patient and population health outcomes at more affordable costs through modern data science and rigorous systems engineering practices.”

The vision of PMAP is to:

  • Accelerate biomedical discovery
  • Accelerate translation of discovered knowledge to improve the delivery of patient-centered care
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of clinical care and discovery
  • Provide a platform for extending JHM excellence to expanded populations

The PMAP platform, as seen in the following diagram, pulls data from the Epic Medical Record and other data sources into a Data Commons, where the data are integrated together and available in a format that is operable by sophisticated machine learning and natural language processing technologies. With IRB approval, data from the PMAP Data Commons can be provisioned into a secure Research Environment for analysis by study teams and data scientists using tools like the Jupyter notebook and PMAP-developed cohort discovery tools. Validated algorithms and tools can be promoted to the Delivery Platform for use in clinical care or for commercialization.

PMAP Is currently available to a small set of Precision Medicine Centers of Excellence in a pilot mode. We expect PMAP to become generally available to the Johns Hopkins research community in May of 2019. The cost for use is expected to be $10K-$20K per year for basic access with additional service costs if the study needs assistance with machine learning, natural language processing, data analytics, or tool development.

You can learn more about inHealth Precision Medicine activities at